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On Dance & Somatics Online

Updated: Aug 19, 2020

On Dance & Somatics Online

Shin Somatics Moving Way

Annual Conference and Workshop

Online From Elmira New York

Conference Oct 10 & 11

Oct Workshop shifted to January 5-10, 2021

Conference Hosts: Amy Bush, Michelle Ikle,

Kelly Ferris & Sondra Fraleigh

Workshop teachers in January:

Kelly Ferris, Amy Bush, Michelle Ikle,

& Guest Teacher Sondra Fraleigh

Online Mountain Standard Time

Daily 9 AM -- 1 PM.

Conference submissions by Sept 1

Notification by Sept 5

Early Bird Conference Registration, Sept 15

Early Bird Conference, $86

January Workshop Topics:

Land to Water Yoga 

Intuitive Dance

Somatic Kinesiology

Shin Restore Bodywork

Contact Amy Bush:

Contact Sondra Fraleigh

For Conference/Workshop information

and for registration, see Schedule Page

For Call for Presentations, see: Conference Page

Tidal Space, Elemental Time, Music Video by Sondra Fraleigh, Dancers, Amy Bush and Michelle Ikle. Place: Waterfall and Railroad Tracks near Geneva and Elmira NY

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