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Certification Renewal is for Eastwest Graduates


Certification Renewal allows the professional use of Shin Somatics® registration symbol to represent your practice and teaching. Renewal of certification assures that teachers and practitioners are adhearing to our code of ethics and keeping current with 12 continuing education hours each year.

Eastwest Somatics Association is an association of certified graduates.Certification Renewal was instituted in the year 2014, the 24th anniversary of Eastwest Somatic Institute. Renew certification by taking an Eastwest Somatics Worskhop, or through the process below:

Professional Membership in Eastwest Somatics Association and Recertification in Shin Somatics®requires a yearly fee of $85, or if payed before October 1, an Early-Bird fee of $70. After November 1, the fee is $90. The recertification process applies to the current year beginning on January 1. A break of more than two years in recertification costs an extra $50 and submission of a letter of application stating continuing education undertaken to remain current in the field of somatics.


Those who certified after Nov. 1of last year do not need to recertify until next year. 

As a professional member your name is listed as Eastwest Associate and Teacher/Practioner on the website of Eastwest Somatics Institute, and you maintain the right to use the Shin Somatics® registration mark in your work and also along-side your name if you wish. Shin Somatics® is an official mark of Eastwest Somatics and is registered with the US government. 

Your membership helps pay for the registration mark, and its use. Please refer also to the Eastwest Somatics Code of Ethics, which governs our work and the use of Shin Somatics® as a mark. When you maintain certification through the yearly recertification process, you agree to abide by the Eastwest Somatics Code of Ethics. If you need a copy emailed to you, please send a request to: . Upon Certification Renewal, you will receive a new Shin Somatics® Certificate by email with the current date. Your recertification helps maintain the continuity of our work and benefits the field of somatic movement studies. 

If you are a professional member of ISMETA or Yoga Alliance, please secure a 15% discount with your next Shin Somatics® renewal. If you are a member of both ISMETA and YA, please take a 30% discount for Shin Somatics® renewal. If you are a Shin Somatics® Trainer secure a 50% discount.


Thank you, Eastwest Somatics Staff

Please use this Pay Pal Button with a credit card for Certification Renewal. For price, enter the amount you are paying. If you have questions, email Catherine Schaeffer who manages Certification Renewal:

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