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Background photo: Zion Tree in Winter by Kay Nelson

Kelly Ferris Lester



Kelly is our Team Administrator. She taught with  with Sondra in New Zealand in 2014 and at Zion in 2017. She is a professor and has published on somatics.


Ashley Meeder



Ashley Meeder is our Certification Teacher in Mexico . She is a dancer, photographer, and enjoys performing in nature. She specializes in somatic movement for pain. Email:

Christina Marie 



Christina lives in

Michigan, and is the director of People Dancing. She likes to perform and to teach somatic work. For workshops in the Midwest or private tutorials email:


Sarah West



Lives and works in Moab, Utah Certification Teacher and Wilderness Guide. Email:

Karen Smith




Karen has been with

Eastwest since 2001, and has taught several Certification Workshops.





She lives in

Brighton in the UK. Email:











Eastwest Graduates:

Clara Reyes, St. Maarten Island.

Akiko Kishida, Tokyo

Sri Van Der Kroef






Sri lives in Santa Barbara and has taught and assisted in Certification Workshops. For more about Sri email,

Karin Rugman










Karin teaches at Bath Spa University in the UK, and has taught several EWS Certification workshops.


Manda Jane Johnson





Manda lives in New Zealand and has assisted Sondra in Utah. She has studied several somatic methods and is a Shin Somatics  Certification Teacher.


Amy Bush






Amy Bush Certification Teacher in Elmira NY near Lake Geneva.

Owner of Link Movement Arts Studios. Email:













Some of Ashley Meeder's  students in Mexico













Eastwest Graduate, Roman Morris

Catherine Schaeffer





Catherine is an award winning teacher. She assisted Sondra in Tuscany and has published on somatics, enjoys butoh,  lives in PA, and teaches in the Northeast.   Email,

Wilhemeena Monroe





Wilhemeena directs Soul Centre in Auckland New Zealand and  is a yogini, butohist, healer, teacher, artist and writer.  She teaches Shin Somatics Workshops and 

mentorships. Email:

Michelle Ikle


Michelle is a professor of dance at Hobart & William Smith College in Geneva NY, on beautiful Lake Seneca.

Rick Biehl








Rick Biehl. Eastwest teacher, has a chapter in Sondra's book, Moving Consciously.












Eastwest Graduate and Intern, Amber Olpin-Watkins, the Kayenta Labyrinth










Eastwest Graduate,

Norianna Diesel-Potts

Ruth Way






Ruth has been with our work since 2000, and has taught several Certification Workshops. She teaches at Plymouth U. in the UK. Email:

Akiko Kishida




Akiko teaches Shin Somatics in Japan. She also has many clients who benefit from her work, including her father. Email:

Lani Weissbach




Director of Embodied Learning, Indianapolis Movement Arts Collective

Independent butoh artist/workshop leader

Sara Gallo

Sara Gallo










Certification Teacher

St. George, Utah

Professor, UTU













Eastwest Graduate,

Robert Bingham












Eastwest Graduate,

Alycia Bright Holland

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