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shin somatics® techniques

Shin: A Zen word for center, core, heart, body, mind, spirit, and tree trunk, bringing attention to what is already one.


At Eastwest, students discover their own natural body and spontaneous grace in a non-competitive, non-judgmental atmosphere. Programs also offer opportunities for travel retreats

These techniques focus on moving with ease and pleasure according to the nature and unique gifts of one's own body; they are based on skillful touch and kinesthetic awareness, assisting people to improve through movement.

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The certification program requires previous study in three of the following areas: the performing arts, movement education, psychology, philosophy, and spiritual traditions. Improvisation in a performing arts area, functional anatomy and Kinesiology coursework can be completed before or during the certification process. College classes in these subjects are acceptable as well as independent study contracted through Eastwest where tutorials are available in dance improvisation, philosophy, functional anatomy, and kinesiology.

Woman in yoga Tree Pose
Sondra does crainiosacral work with a baby, living her hands up gently under the occiput




Evokes the body's relaxation response and helps to relieve pain. Patterns are designed to improve kinaesthetic awareness, reduce stress, improve posture and balance, enhance mobility and precision of movement. Newer and healthier patterns can be elicited through core movement explorations that replace self-destructive habits of movement and mind.

Skillful hands-on bodywork along lines of least resistance carries the flow movement process to a deeper level of body ease and integration.



Develops movement facilitation, both supportive and challenging, and includes partners bodywork.


Through Contact Unwinding, walking becomes less restricted, the breath fuller, posture more naturally aligned with gravity. Communication and confidence are therefore enhanced.

two women perform Rainbow Bridge movement pattern

Matching through Movement


  • Finding rapport and ease in correlating movement with others.

  • Not fixing, but matching through somatic attunement. 

  • Starting where we are, learning as we do, progressing without stress.


Dance Experiences explored at Eastwest include:

  • Responsive Dance

  • Intuitive Dance

  • Metamorphic Butoh

  • Intrinsic Dance

  • Movement in Depth (Authentic Movement)

  • Dance in the Environment and on Camera


Eastwest Techniques also feature a unique yoga

based on infant movement development

Shin Somatics® Moving Way
Land to Water Yoga

Bodywork. one woman lifts and holds the arm of the other
Dance improvisation with two dancers assisting each other
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