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These are selected articles and other resources including physiological, behavioral, and psychological measures. Most contain both subjective and objective measures, and research into a somatic perspective (that is: the effect of a body therapy on an embodied state).

Clinical Studies

Ruth, Susanne; Kegerreis, Sam. "Facilitating cervical flexion using a Feldenkrais Method: Awareness through Movement." Journal of Sport and Physical Therapy, 1992 (Jul) 16/1, 25-29.

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Wolkomir, Richard. "When the work you do ends up costing you an arm and a leg." Smithsonian, 1994 (Jun), 90-101.

Somatic Therapy and Phenomenology

Fraleigh, Sondra, "Freedom, Gravity, and Grace," Somatics Magazine/Journal of the Mind/Body Arts and Sciences 22/3 (Fall/Winter 1999/2000).

Fraleigh, Sondra with Patricia Simmons, "The Phantom Turtleneck: Somatic Process and Transformation," Contact Quarterly, 2002.

Fraleigh, Sondra. (Department of Dance, SUNY, Brockport) "The Spiral Dance: Toward a Phenomenology of Somatics." Somatics: Journal of the Mind/Body Arts and Sciences, 1996 (Spring/Summer) 10/4, 14-19.

Gifford-May, Derek & Thompson, Norman L. "Deep states of meditation: Phenomenological reports of experience." Journal of Transpersonal Psychology, 1994, 26/2, 117-138.

Schnaudegal, Cordula. "A Phenomenology of stuttering: Somatic therapy applications." (Department of Dance, SUNY, Brockport) Research for master's thesis.

Somatic Dance and Movement Studies

Musicant, Shira. "Authentic movement and dance therapy." American Journal of Dance Therapy, 1994 (Fal-Win), 16/2, 91-106

Fraleigh, Sondra (Ed.) Back to the Dance Itself: Phenomenologies of the Body in Performance. University of Illinois Press, 2018.

Fraleigh. Sondra (Ed.). Moving Consciously: Somatic Transformations through Dance, Yoga & Touch. University of Illinois Press, 2015.  

Fraleigh, Sondra. Dance and the Lived Body (Pittsburgh: U of Pittsburgh Press), 1987.

Fraleigh, Sondra. Dancing Identity: Metaphysics in Motion, (University of Pittsburgh Press), 2004.

Fraleigh, Sondra. Dancing into Darkness: Butoh, Zen, and Japan, University of Pittsburgh Press, 1999.

Schul, J. and Bailey, J. (2017). Dream telling, dream writing & dream dancing: College 

    students and fourth graders create together. International Association of Laboratory 

    Schools Journal. 7(1), 1-10.


Schul, J. (2015). Embodied writing: Making somatic connections. Somatics magazine-journal 

    of the mind-body arts and sciences. 17(3), 40-43.


Schul, J. (2015). Embodied dreams. In S. H. Fraleigh (Ed.), Moving consciously: Somatic 

    transformations through dance, yoga, and touch. Champaign, IL: University of Illinois 


Dance Science and Somatics

Arend, Susan & Joseph Higgins, "Strategy for the classification for subjective analysis and observation of human movement." Journal of Human Movement Studies, 1976 vol. 2, 36-52.

Eddy, Martha. "Wholistic Approach to Dance Injury Assessment and Intervention."

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Chatfield, Steven and Barr, Sheri. "Electromyographic & Kinematic Analysis of Movement

Repatterning in Dance." Impulse: International Journal of Dance Science, Medicine, and Education. 1996, vol. 4, 220-234.

Treatment and Prevention

Baider, L.: Uziely, B. & Kaplan De-Nour, A. (Hebrew U of Jerusalem, Hadassah University Hosp, Dept of Oncology, Israel) "Progressive muscle relaxation and guided imagery in cancer patients." General Hospital Psychiatry, 1994 (Sept), 16/5, 340-347.

Linton, Steven J. (Orebro Medical Center Hosp, Dept of Occupational & Environmental Medicine, Sweden) "Chronic back pain; Integrating psychological and physical therapy: An overview." Behavioral Medicine, 1994 (Fal), 20/3, 101-104.

States of Conciousness

Pratkanis, Anthony R.; Eskenazi, Jay & Greenwald, Anthony G. (U. of California, Board of Psychology, Santa Cruz) "What you expect is what you believe (but not necessarily what you get): A test of the effectiveness of subliminal self-help audiotapes." Basic & Applied Social Psychology, 1994 (Sept), 15/3, 251-276.

Bogen, Joseph, E. (U Southern Calif., Dept. of Neurological Surgery, Los Angeles) "On the neurophysiology of consciousness: I. An overview." Consciousness & Cognition: A Journal, 1995 (Mar), 4/1, 52-62.

Jon Kabat-Zinn Ph.D. Full Catastrophe Living (Dell Publishing, 1991).

Joan Borysenko, Ph.D.has done extensive research in psychoneuroimunology and meditation, also documented in her several books.

Human Experimental Psychology

Reiser, John J.; Pick, Herbert L.; Ashmead, Daniel H. & Garing, Anne E. (Vanderbilt U, Dept of Psychology & Human Development, Nashville, TN) "Calibration of human Locomotion and models of perceptual-motor organization." Journal of Experimental Psychology: Human Perception & Performance, 1995 (Jun), 21/3, 480-497.

Vogt, Stefal. (Max-Planck-Inst for Psychological Research, Munich Germany) "On relations between perceiving, imaging and performing in the learning of cyclical movement sequences. Special Issue: Imagery and motor processes." British Journal of Psychology, 1995 (May), 86/2, 191-216.

White, Alison & Hardy, Lew. (U Wales, UniversityColl of North Wales, Div Health & Human Performance, Gangor, Wales) "Use of different imagery perspectives on the learning and performance of different motor skills." Special Issue: Imagery and motor processes. British Journal of Psychology, 1995 (May),, 86/2, 169-180.

Bailey, James R. & Ford, Cameron M. (Rutgers U, Graduate School of Management, NJ). "Of methods and metaphors: Theater and self-exploration in the laboratory." Journal of Applied Behavioral Science, 1994 (Dec), 30/4, 381-396.

Driskell, James E.; Copper, Carolyn & Moran, Aidan. (Florida Maxima Corp, Winter Park) "Does mental practice enhance performance?" Journal of Applied Psychology, 1994 (Aug), 79/4, 481-492.

Motor Processes

Ermolaev, B. V. & Ermolaeva, M. V. (Central Research & Development Inst of Sports, Moscow, Russia) "On the dynamic properties of body image and efficiency of motor control." Human Physiology, 1994 (Jul-Aug), 19/4, 280-285.

Somatics and Physiological Processes

Brosschot, Jos F.: Benschop, Robert J.; Godaert, Guido L. R.; Oliff, Miranda et al. (U Amsterdam Faculty of Psychology, Dept of Clinical Psychology, Netherlands) "Influence of life stress on immunological reactivity to mild psychological stress." Psychosomatic Medicine, 1994 (May-Jun), 56/3, 216-224.

Coren, Stanley. (U British Columbia, Dept of Psychology, Vancouver, Canada) "Handedness and allergic response." International Journal of Neuroscience, 1994 (Jun), 76/3-4, 231-236.

Psychology, Somatics and Neuroscience

Antonio Damasio, The Feeling of What Happens: Body and Emotion in the Making of Consciousness (1998)

Maier, Steven F.; Watkins, Linda R. Dept of Psychology, Boulder "Psychoneuroimmunology: The interface between behavior, brain, and immunity." American Psychologist, 1994 (Dec), 49/12, 1004-1017.

Nagendra, H. R. & Desiraju, T. (Vivekananda Kendra Yoga Research Foundation, Bangalore, India) "Alterations in auditory middle latency evoked potentials during meditation." International Journal of Neuroscience, 1994 (May), 76/1-2, 87-9

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Calvo-Merino, B., Grezes, J, Glaser, D.E., Passingham, R.E., Haggard, P. (2006) Seeing or doing? Influence of visual and motor familiarity in action observation. Current Biology 16:1905-1910.

Sebanz, N., Bekkering, H., Knoblich, G. (2006) Joint action: bodies and minds moving together. Trends in Cognitive Sciences 10(2):70-76.

Sebanz, N., Frith, C. (2004) Beyond simulation? Neural mechanisms for predicting the actions of others. Nature Neuroscience 7(1):5-7.

Tsakiris, M., Prabhu, G., Haggard, P. (2006) Having a body versus moving your body: How agency structures body-ownership. Consciousness and Cognition 15:423-432.

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