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workshops & Retreats

Shin Somatics Workshops  

Workshops and Retreats for

Personal Development and 

Professional Certification

Ongoing workshops in the UK, Japan, New Zealand, Mexico and More.  

See International Page.

Schedule 2023 to 2024

Shin Somatics Schedule of Workshops & Conferences 


Recently Completed: 

Retreat and Conference in Zion Utah, Jan 3-7, 2023 

St. George and Zion Our Home in the West

First day Conference, Jan 3. All activities led by 

Sondra Fraleigh, Michelle Ikle and Sara Gallo

Performing Nature

Canyon Lands, Color Country Workshop and Conference

St. George, Utah, our Home in the West, May 15-19, 2023

Certification Conference & Workshop with Sondra Fraleigh,

Amy Bush, Sara Gallo, & Nathalie Guillaume

Hosted by Utah Tech University in St. George

Performing Nature Conference on the 15th

10 AM to 5 PM, in-Person and on Zoom MST

See Conference Page for details.


Workshop in-Person Only.                   

Snow Canyon Day, Last day, the 19th, ends at 2 PM                                                                 

Shin Somatics® Yoga, Depth-Movement Dance & Shin Restore Bodywork

Earn One level of Certification Credit with Conference & Workshop



Moving Consciously 

Somatic pedagogy--begin where you are

Certification Workshops, Hattiesburg Mississippi 

Sponsored by USM, In-Person or on Zoom


Two weekends in June 9-11, 16-18

Take either weekend for one-half level

Take both weekends for one-full level

1/2 level is $325 with early bird.

Led by Kelly Ferris with Denise Purvis & Cass Simmons

Shin Shin Somatics® Yoga, Depth-Movement Dance & Bodywork

Depth Psychology and Dancing Dreams

Two weekend workshops with Dr. Jeanne Schul,

who specializes in Depth Psychology

and is an Eastwest Somatics Certification Teacher.

 Two modules of 2 1/2 days.


Take either one for 1-half level of certification credit.

1/2 level is $325 with early bird

Take both for 1-full level. Led by Jeanne Schul with Debra Lacey


July 7-9 Depth-Movement Dance Certification Workshop

Online  1 PM—5 PM Friday

10 AM—4 PM, Sat-Sun EST.


July 14–16 Dancing Dreams Certification workshop

Online 1 PM—5 PM Friday

10 AM—4 PM Sat-Sun


Dancing Dreams features Land to Water Yoga,

Witnessing & Holding Presence,

Experiencing Chakra Synergies, Videos,

Readings & Discussions

Shin Somatics Curriculum

The Moving Way

Elmira New York, 2023

Link Movement Arts and the Finger Lakes

Our Home in the East

October 6-10 

Certification Workshop


With Amy Bush, Michelle Ikle, &

Butoh Dance Guest Teacher, Lani Weissback

All activities In-Person Only 

Hawaii Regional Conference

and Workshop 2024, TBA


Conference in Mexico, hybrid format

In-person and on Zoom TBA.          

Travel opportunities for visitors.

For ongoing workshops in Mexico, Japan, New Zealand, and the UK,  

consult the International Page of this website. 

For tuition details and more information on all workshops

and conferences in 2023. See below, and

keep scrolling down to the bottom of this page.


Color Country, Canyon Lands, Utah

Our home in the West 


Performing Nature

St. George, UT May 15-19, 2023.


Certification Workshop and Conference with Sondra Fraleigh, Amy Bush, Sara Gallo, & Nathalie Guillaume

Conference on the 15th 10 AM--5 PM

Conference in-Person and on Zoom.

Workshop in-person only.


Snow Canyon Dance. Last Day ends at 2 PM.                                                                                  

Shin Somatics® Yoga, Depth-Movement Dance & Bodywork. Earn One full level of Certification Credit


$886 Regular workshop tuition 

$750 with 2023 discount (use code 2023)

$650 Early bird by Six Weeks in Advance.

Save Early bird price with a deposit of $150

Conference only registration: $95. Presenters: $75

Workshop tuition includes conference, but not housing.

Inquire about hotel recommendations in SG.


SGU, St. George Airport or Las Vegas Airport

St. George Shuttle from Las Vegas or renatal car.

Uber or Lyft in St. George 


For more on Shin Somatics Certification  

& Morning Program for Personal Development

See Certification Pages of the website

Email questions to Michelle Ikle,



Land to Water Yoga

Mindfulness Meditation

Shin Somatics® Intuitive Dance

Shin Restore Bodywork

Somatic Practices in Nature


Eastwest Graduates

inquire about discounted price



Shin Somatics Teacher Sara Gallo,             our host in St. George

Moving Consciously 

Move Consciously & Joyfully

Study somatic pedagogy--

Begin where you are, learn as you go. 

Two weekends, June, 9-11 & 16-18, 2023 

Take either one for half-level certification                 Take both for one full-level certification

Southern Mississippi University, Hattiesburg


Certification Workshop In-Person or Online 

Led by Kellly Ferris Lester with Denise Purvis and Cass Simmons. 

Shin Somatics® Yoga,

Depth-Movement Dance & Shin Restore Bodywork

Earn One level of Certification Credit toward Shin Somatics Teacher/Practitioner