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workshops & Retreats

Shin Somatics Workshops  

Workshops and Retreats for

Personal Development and 

Professional Certification

Ongoing workshops in the USA, UK, Japan, New Zealand, Mexico and More. See International Page.

Schedule 2023 through 2024

     Shin Somatics Schedule of Workshops & Conferences 2023-24 












































For ongoing workshops in Mexico, Japan, New Zealand, and the UK,  

consult the International Page of this website. 

For tuition details and more information on all workshops

and conferences in 2023-2024, see full page below, and

keep scrolling down to the bottom.

Ad foer workshop
photograph of a sunset over St. George, Utah
 Three women staning in a circle reach their linked hands upward as the gaze into the sky.
Woman stands and touches and encourages upward momentum in the neck of her male bodywork partner.
Woman stands behind her male bodywork partner. She reaches around his back to touch the back of his head and encourage the head to turn to the left.

Color Country, Canyon Lands, Utah

Our home in the West 


Ecosomatic Practices

St. George, UT May6-10, 2024


Certification Workshop and Conference

with Sondra Fraleigh, Amy Bush, & Sara Gallo.

Conference on the 6th 10:30 AM--4:30 PM

Call for Conference Presentations is on our blog

accessed through this website.

Workshop and conference in-person only.


Snow Canyon Dance. Last Day ends at 2 PM.                                                                                  

Shin Somatics® Yoga, Depth-Movement Dance & Bodywork. Earn One full level of Certification Credit


$886 Regular workshop tuition 

$$786 with 2023 discount (use code 2024)

$686 Early bird by Six Weeks in Advance. 

Save Early bird price with a deposit of $150

Conference only registration: $95. Presenters: $75

Workshop tuition includes conference, but not housing.

Inquire about hotel or B&B recommendations in SG.


SGU, St. George Airport or Las Vegas Airport

St. George Shuttle from Las Vegas or renatal car.

Uber or Lyft in St. George 


For more on Shin Somatics Certification  

& Morning Program for Personal Development

See Certification Pages of the website

Email questions to: 


Land to Water Yoga

Mindfulness Meditation

Shin Somatics® Intuitive Dance

Shin Restore Bodywork

Somatic Practices in Nature


Eastwest Graduates

inquire about discounted price


woman  smiling and looking out, rests her chin on her hand. The red rock canyon background behind her.

Shin Somatics Teacher Sara Gallo,             our host in St. George

Moving Consciously 

Move Consciously & Joyfully

Study somatic pedagogy--

Begin where you are, learn as you go.  

Feb 10 2024, 2-day Online Conference

Expanding Education through Somatic Practices  

University of Southern Mississippi, Hattiesburg

Hosts: Kelly Ferris Lester and Michelle Iklé.

You are invited to join us online for this full day of presentations. See the homepage: from the blog at the bottom for full conference program.

May 17-19 & 24-26, 2024

Moving Consciously and Joyfully 

online and in person

USM, With Kelly Ferris Lester and Denise Purvis.

Both weekends equal one certification level.

or take one weekend for 1/2 level credit.

Experience Shin Somatics® Yoga,

Depth-Movement Dance & Shin Restore Bodywork

Earn One level of Certification Credit toward Shin Somatics Teacher/Practitioner 

All Videos

All Videos

Watch Now
image of a woman in a tree reaching and looking up. She wears a white dress

Michelle with trees and vines. She checks back in with the group on Zoom to share her experinece.

$886 Regular workshop tuition 

$786 with discount (use code MC)

$686 Early bird by six weeks in advance.
Save Early bird price with a deposit of $186

$343 for 1/2 Level of Credit, early bird

Zoom Workshops include:
Movement Experiences

Depth-Movement Dance/Art
Somatic Pedagogy
Video Demonstrations
Readings & Discussions
Somatic Practices in Nature


woman's face peeking through large green leaves the same color as her eyes.
A man in yoga pants and sweat shirt lying on his back with arms resting by his sides and the bottoms of his feet on the floor, knees beant.
image of a young woman lying on her back on the dance studio floor, holding her knees and rolling slightly to the left side. Her head rolls in the same direction.

Above Denise Purvis  in a butoh dance process. 
Right: Robert Bingham in Somatic Yoga, Reclining Mountain. .

Kelly (center) in the Yoga Little Boat, & Robert (below) in Reclining Mountain. He notices how his low back releases in this position. These are aspects of Land to Water Yoga, an easy yoga to do on Zoom. The flow of LTWY aids memory, the relaxation response, and connectivity.

Shin Somatics Curriculum 

The Moving Way

Link Movement Arts 

And the Finger Lakes

Our Home in the East

October 6-10, 2023, keep tuned for 2025. Certification Workshop (in person)

with Amy Bush & Michelle Ikle. 

Intuitive Dance, Butoh,

Shin Somatics® Yoga & Bodywork

Begin Where you Are, Learn as you do





October 11-15, 2024. Geneva, NY

Hobart, William & Smith Colleges

Seven Core Lessons in Somatic Kinesiology and Performance

with Michelle Iklé and Amy Bush

$886 Workshop Tuition in Elmira & Geneva

$750 with 2024 discount (use code 2024

$650 Early bird by September 15..

Save Early bird price with a deposit of $150

9AM - 4PM daily

Photograph of a woman with dark hair and a white dress. She smiles and looks forward.

Lani Weissbach, Eastwest Team,
Butoh Dancer & Choreographer

       All Certification Workshops Include

Land to Water Yoga

Ecosomatic Practices 

Intuitive Dance

Experiential Kinesiology

 Shin Restore Bodywork 

Somatic Pedagogy 


Michelle Ikle, and Amy Bush teach in Geneva & Elmira,  special cities on beautiful Lake Seneca. Both are graduates of the dance program at State University of NY, Brockport where they studied somatics with Sondra Fraleigh. In the video below, Michelle and Amy dance together on a sun deck,  in a waterfall, and on railroad tracks near Ithaca. They are why we love NY.

Opportunity for a healing session with Nathalie Guillaume, Dr. of Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture, $70 for EWS Students.

Individual and Small Group Mentorships

Opportunities to Train as a Yoga Teacher

Yoga 200, Certification/Registration through Yoga Alliance       and Shin Somatics, apply after Level 5 Shin Somatics: See yoga certification page on this website.

Apply for individual and Small Group Mentorships with

Sondra Fraleigh in St. George, with option for certification credit. Mentorships limited to 2 days. 

Tuition $620 four weeks in advance.


Writing & Reading Roundtable with Sondra Fraleigh

Apply for The Roundtable for online sharing and critical engagement with Sondra and others. Schedule to be determined after registration with deposit. Send your writing to Sondra and the Roundtable  See Conference and Roundtable Page for details and fees. 

Nathalie Guillaume and Sondra Fraleigh

Movement in Depth, Images and Dreamwork

2-day Workshop and 1-day Conference

July 26-28, 2024, All Online 

Led by Dr. Jeanne Schul, Ph.D., and Debra Lacey, MFA.

Dr. Jeanne specializes in Depth Psychology and Dreamwork

and is an Eastwest Somatics Certification Teacher.

Debra Lacey is a modern dance and ballet specialist,                     and a certified teacher of Shin Somatic Methods.

Earn one full level of Certification Credit for 3 days 

with additional homework assignment and review.

Option to present at the conference. 


$ 600

$518 Early Bird by June 14, 2024


Conference on Friday 26

(To register for conference only, $110)

Direct questions to: 

or Debra Lacey, Register on the Registration Page for these unique online experiences. 


See Jeanne Schul's Threshold Journey to Kenya:

Woman smiles and looks out.
Woman sitting on  a ledge with mountain in the background. She bows her head toward her hands.

Karen Barbor, New Zealand,
Eastwest Graduaate

Honolulu Hawaii 2024

Shin Somatics® Methods

5-day Certification Workshop

at the Still and Moving Center

Workshop Below on pause until further notice because of natural disasters in Hawaii. Look here for updates for 2025


January 3-7, 2024, postponed.


Sondra Fraleigh, Michelle Iklé,

and Kelly Ferris Lester


Community Day Jan. 3, first day, All Welcome.     


Certification Workshop includes community day

Introduction to Shin Somatics Methods & Therapies

Workshop Themes      

Intuitive Dance, Somatic Yoga, 

Shin Restore Bodywork

Somatic Practices in Nature


Eastwest Somatics Community Day

On Shin Somatic Methods & Therapies

Email questions to,

Or Michelle Ikle,

$786 Certification Workshop

$686 Early Bird by Nov. 20, 2023

$85 Community Day

$70 Early Bird by Dec 3 

Inquire about hotel recommendations, reasonable prices nearby.

Woman stands with back to camera and looks through and opening created in an arm gesture. She looks into a watery transparent backdrop.
woman lying on her back in the sand arches her back and looks up.
Hawaii, beach at sunset
Zion Winter Retreat, December 2024
four women dressed in winter jackets stad together and link arms with the cliffs of Zion National Park behind them and framing the view

Exploring Shin Somatics Curriculum & Narratives

Zion Winter Retreat

December 12-16, 2024 


Retreat Workshop, Conference, & Concert

Led by Sondra Fraleigh Michelle Ikle & Sara Gallo with other members of the Shin Soma Team. The workshop includes conference.


Sondra teaches a session on

Phenomenology as a Research Method for movement, dance, and somatics


Zion Lodge in Color Country Utah

Welcome Begins at 2 PM, Dec. 12

First day in-person Conference Begins at 3 PM, on Dec. 12.

The Workshop Begins at 10 AM, on Dec. 13; and Ends at Noon Dec. 16.

Re-ci-pro-city is a music/dance video of Eastwest Somatics Students dancing and practicing Shin Restore Bodywork in Color Country, Utah --Saint George, Kayenta Labyrinth, Sand Hollow, Zion (Mukuntuweap). Original Music on a theme by Dave Brubeck.  by Sondra Fraleigh

The big tree on the large lawn in front of Zion Lodge with a wintery snowy background

      Zion is Spectacular in Winter


In Zion, we celebrate our Shin Soma Community

through movement & dance, somatic yoga

& restorative bodywork through movement


Workshop Retreat features a one-day in-person Conference and informal Concert. Send paper and  performance proposals, one paragraph by Nov. 1 to Sara Gallo,, Kelly Ferris Lester, &    

Tuition for 2024

$786 with registration after Nov. 1.

$686 with Early Bird registration by Nov.1

$270 Early Bird deposit by Nov. 1

Early Bird Final Payment by Nov. 20.

          $96 Conference Only Registration

          $86 Conference Early Bird Registration by Nov. 1. 

           $70 Presenters registration if not attending full retreat.

Eastwest Graduates

inquire about a discount price of $555

with Early Bird deposit of $200 by Nov 1.

Final payment by Nov 20

See Registration Page for the cancellation policy.

Tuition includeworkshop and conference. Make reservations to stay at Zion Lodge by one month in advance to secure your place.

Phone Zion at 435-772-7700.  Option to book on-line, or call central reservations at 888-297-2757. Look for B&B option as savings at Zion Lodge website. If you need a roommate for a double, we can suggest one. Meals are not included except for B&B. Lodging possibilities in nearby Springdale for those with transportation. 

Arrive through Las Vegas or SG Airports, Reserve SG Shuttle from either airport or rent a car. Late-night arrivals are difficult to accommodate. For SG Shuttle, see, or call, 435-628-8320. Shuttle to Zion leaves from SG, goes to nearby Springdale, and is about one hour. Ziion pick-up in Springdale can be arranged through Eastwest. Car rental from SG or LV airports is the most direct and efficient. Make reservations early to save. Direct future questions to or

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