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ECOSOMATICS IN PRACTICE May 6-10, 2024, Workshop and Conference in St. George, Utah, at Utah Technical University

A Woman walks the sandstone labyrinth in Kayenta, near St. George, Utah

Try as we may


We cannot bring depth layers

of somatic consciousness to lucid awareness.

Indeed, there seems to be wisdom in this masking.

If we had the power

to will pleasurable feelings

and be happy all the time,

would we choose to?

What would it be like

if life could never surprise us?


Feelings are generative. Pleasure and pain in all variations are crucial in recognizing somatic tendencies, both limitations and possibilities as avenues toward renewing psychophysical life. Our deepest inclinations and feelings arise from somatosensory experiences and likely have a foundation in the womb. Feeling is integral to life and survival. Feelings are world-makers, not bad actors; they illuminate and pull us in their formative wake, warning us of danger and motivating our conscience. In Antonio Damasio's neurobiological perspective, feelings serve as guides for shaping cultures and the future. In our tender feelings toward nature, there is ecosomatic treasure and surprise.

--Sondra Fraleigh

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