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Online Conference: Expanding Education through somatic practices, Feb 9-10, 2024

Updated: Dec 31, 2023

The dateline for conference submissions is Jan 3. Need another 3 days? Let us know. Happy New Year 2024 to all our website subscribers.

Sondra's note on intuitive dance:

Change as restoration comes immediately through intuitive dancing, a simple and multidimensional somatic method for uncovering ignored feelings. People don’t have time to think when they move intuitively. They move in the rhythms of silence or to music. The trick is that the thinking mind is surpassed by a stream of feelings arising quickly and without edits. In dancing without thinking, we can explore the moving, biased, and unfinished self in relation to worldmaking and belonging. We have a way in and out of our bodily tendencies, a way into and out of what bothers or troubles us, a way in and out of pain, and a way to appreciate the moment and take pleasure in coming home to ourselves. When the nervous system regains homeostasis, somatic life can regain presentness and attunement. This is important at any age. Listening to and trusting bodily sensations can be practiced in moving and dancing intuitively – without a plan.

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