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Moving Consciously; Somatic Transformations through Dance, Yoga, and Touch

Updated: May 21, 2020

"The somatic movement field is growing rapidly and these authors are well suited to represent its diversity of theories and applications. Through their vast experience they provide a range of perspectives that demonstrates the full scope of somatic phenomena. A wonderful introduction to the more philosophical strand of somatic inquiry."

Martha Eddy, founding director of Dynamic Embodiment SMT and Moving for Life

In Moving Consciously, Sondra Fraleigh gathers essays that probe ideas surrounding embodied knowledge and the conscious embodiment of movement and dance. Using a variety of perspectives on movement and dance somatics, Fraleigh and other contributors draw on both scholarship and personal practice to participate in a multifaceted investigation of a thriving worldwide phenomenon. Their goal: to present the mental and physical health benefi ts of experiencing one's inner world through sensory awareness and movement integration. Contributors: Richard Biehl, Robert Bingham, Hillel Braude, Alison East, Sondra Fraleigh, Kelly Ferris Lester, Karin Rugman, Catherine Schaeffer, Jeanne Schul, and Ruth Way.

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