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Land to Water Yoga

Updated: Sep 15, 2023

While spending two months meditating and practicing yoga in silence at Sri Aurobindo's first ashram in Baroda India, Sondra Fraleigh began a yoga journey based upon infant movement development and somatic principles. She consciously utilized this in her developmental yoga, bridging it with somatic movement education and intrinsic dancing.

This unique new form of yoga, Land to Water Yoga, maintains yoga's original intent of spiritual healing and awareness and offers a way to deepen clear seeing and a calm mind, urging one past his or her limited ego. LTWY is based on five stages of infant development and the methods of Shin Somatics® Moving Way. Its progression moves backward from the most complex movement in terms of balance to the least: from walking to floating (from land to water), providing the opportunity to retrace ourl human development back to its watery soma source Sondra's guide book, Land to Water Yoga, is available on Amazon.

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