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Somatics is how we


Eastwest Somatics Institute/ Shin Somatics Methods 

Certification Workshops and International Retreats

for Personal and Professional Growth

• Member of International Somatic Movement Education & Therapy Association


• Earn Yoga Registration through Yoga Alliance

• Earn Registered Somatic Teacher or Therapist through ISMETA 


• Learn how to teach Land to Water Yoga for Every Body.

Start where you are. Meet others where they are. Learn as you do. Progress with ease.

Say Yes to your body. Somatic Movement Studies are for everyone, not just skilled movers. At Eastwest, we encourage beginner's mind.

Somatics yoga movements
Eastwest Somatics Student
Eastwest Graduate from Haiti
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With Eastwest Somatics You Can


Become a registered Shin Somatics® movement therapist or teacher

Improve your life through Moving Consciously

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Become certified in Shin Somatics® Land to Water Yoga

Certify in Yoga with Yoga Alliance

Learn to design and teach Core Movement Patterning 

Help people discover the healing power of mindful movement


Shin Somatics


Shin Somatics® represents educational and therapeutic methods evolved at Eastwest that utilize the encompassing meanings of the body through Shin (Oneness) and Soma (Body as experienced). Our students learn Shin Somatics® Methods for moving consciously, as individuals and in community. Our Shin Restore bodywork is based on an understanding of movement patterns and how to facilitate these in Shin Restore Bodywork with teaching through touch


Based on infant movement patterns and human development, Eastwest's original Land to Water Yoga is a somatic form that anyone can do. Soma Flow Yoga offers challenges to those who are ready. Mindfulness Meditation is part of our yoga process. Flow Repatterning underlies all of our movement work, and the Feldenkrais Method® influences our approach. Moving with nature is a core principle of Shin Somatics, just as nature allows everything to be itself and to grow. Our Workshops also have both a Certification Track and a Personal Development Track. The latter is a morning program for movement patterning, somatic yoga and effective communication.


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Somatic Summit Interview with Sondra
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This interview is part of the Somatic Movement Summit, a free online event where you can discover fluid motion as medicine for your body and mind. For more information, please visit This recording is a copyright of The Shift Network, 2020. All rights reserved.

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